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AlphaSmart 3000 Experiences:
-Typing on this is going to take some getting used to; it seems as if the 'domes' under the keys need the practice too.
-The ' character is annoyingly "right-handed" and there is no left equivalent. The " character has no such problem... Perhaps once transferred to Notepad the issue will change.
-The screen works fine outside; my main reason for wanting to get this device to use was to be able to type outside where a laptop screen would suffer.
-The screen area does feel somewhat cramped though when one is thinking about the contents of a page as a whole on its 40x4 character display, but while in the flow of typing it actually feels ideal because (as the device has been suggested) it helps to avoid being distracted by all what has been written.
-I am used to creating Notepad files, so I feel accustomed/and obliged to used text-based formatting.
-What font will I used with the web-based versions to maintain the same effect?
-There is no Del key, perhaps there is a combination of keys to achieve this?
-Switching between files is pretty swift so far, but perhaps it will become sluggish with larger files?
-One feels compelled to avoid including blank lines due to the confined screen.
-Switching between files conveniently lands you where you last left off.
-I keep considering doing CTRL+S to save my progress as if I was at my computer; for this habit I don't require for this device, but I don't want to forget it on the computer!
-There is no ability to make text bold or italicised - can I encode this with <b>bold</b> and <i>italic</i> perhaps in a way that is rendered once the file it transferred to PC and rendered in HTML?
-The circuit board within the AlphaSmart 3000 is somewhat exposed, along the top and side edges of the keyboard; a drink spilled on the keyboard of if the device finds itself momentarily left outside in a brief shower would would easily find liquids making their way within.
-Problem keys on my AlphaSmart (these need a firmer key press but I hope they will improve with use, lest I'll have to consider dismantling the thing): mostly the i key, but some others cause a minor issue when typing. Perhaps is more about at what angle the key is pressed. When testing individual keys and thus not typing naturally the problems aren't as apparent.
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