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 What if AlphaSmart had branched out into Journals?

At the end of May 2022, I acquired an 'AlphaSmart 3000' portable word processor.

First released in 2000, it seemed ideal to use outside and away from my main computer (and distractions), in order to get things typed up; things like notes on books I'm reading, or perhaps for journaling.

I wondered how I might incorporate this into a website, so I set about playing with the design of the AlphaSmart website as it appeared in 2006 (thanks to WayBack Machine), and I imagined a world where AlphaSmart had branched out into online journals, encouraging their users to form an online community where they shared the contents of their devices. "Brian's AlphaSmart Journal" is thus my contribution to that imaginary service.

The AlphaSmart 3000 has the facility to store eight files, accessible via corresponding keys on the keyboard. The contents of these files can then be transferred to a computer via a USB cable as if the device was a keyboard typing directly into an application - it's a bit slow, taking around 10 seconds per KB (this introduction weighs in at 1.5 KB).

In the 'file' sections above and to the left you will find those file contents, not only in their latest form, but as previous file versions also, as and when they are replaced/updated.

Once I transfer the text in, I then have the ability to format, hyperlink to relevant pages (of my website or others), add pictures, etc, and generally edit those files, but it is my intention to maintain the raw text format as much as possible.

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