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Day 11,
As if to provide me with something else to think about, the company that supplies my internet service has informed me that my contract with them comes to an end next month. The price will go up a little (if I renew the contract, and double in price if I don't).

I've always had good service with this supplier and would otherwise stick with them but I've been considering my options, namely to switch back to a mobile broadband service, this is being made more feasible because I've set my mind on quitting SecondLife later this month which requires a stable internet connection, and realistically a faster than one that what I've got. Leaving SL has been a big mental challenge for me.

Switching to mobile broadband would save me some money each month, but more so if I combine this with my phone service which I get from another company. However, this would mean getting a smartphone; I've only ever had what can loosely be described as a dumbphone as I like to access the internet using my computer, and services through websites instead of apps, although I see some benefits. Now buying a low-priced smartphone and using that as a wi-fi hotspot would actually work out cheaper. But which phone to get?

I like my phone because it's cheap and has not suffered too badly from being knocked about over the years; I fell down a mountain with it in my pocket and it survived that when my camera didn't. It has been in many a wet pocket and soggy bag, and has been dropped a few times.

Some features I like but are hard to get are:
 - 3.5mm headphone jack (TPPM)
 - FM radio

Providing the phone has a good enough spec for it to work well enough I'm not bothered too much. And a version of Android that isn't going to be rendered obsolete within a year. A microSD card slot would be preferable. Here's what I've found:

Honor X6a Ulefone Power Armor X11 OnePlus Nord N200 5G

Android 13
6.5" display
2.2GHz Octocore
128GB storage
50MP and 2MP macro rear camera, 5MP front camera
5200mAh battery, 10W charging
nano-SIM and microSD
3.5mm jack
163.3 x 75.1 x 8.4
Android 13
5.45" display
2.0GHx Quadcore
32GB storage
16MP and 2MP macro rear camera, 5MP front camera
8150mAh battery, 10W charging
nano-SIM and microSD
3.5mm jack
158.2 x 76.7 x 19.3mm
FM radio
Android 11/12
6.49" display
2.0GHz Octocore 
64GB storage
13MP and 2MP macro rear, 16MP front camera
5000 mAh battery, 18W charging
nano-SIM and microSD
3.5mm jack
163.1 x 74.9 x 8.3mm
Gorilla Glass
  Smallest display, largest phone. Too bulky. FM radio. Smallest storage.  
100 120 150

So far the HONOR X6a looks to be the phone of choice for me. I assume wi-fi hotspotting is a setting available to all such phones these days.