Brian's Creative Countdown to Christmas 2022

Day 3,

Included in my lacking creativity (prior to this month at least!) I had "gone off" my weekly "Brian reads..." feature. I think this was partly due to my reading from "The Islands" book leading me to read a chapter about the Lofoden Islands. This was a lengthy read, which I did over the course of two Saturdays, and as such was deterred from actually editing the whole thing, which takes takes an order of magnitude more time to do than actually read the thing in the first place, what with all my mistakes and throat clearings that I have to correct and edit out.

Anyway, here is the first half of "The Lofoden Islands, by Gosse". The second half will either be completed next weekend, if not before.


View of Reine on the Island of Lofoten by Otto Sinding 1883.