Brian's Creative Countdown to Christmas 2022

Day 24,

This is of course the final day of the Advent Calendar thingy for 2022 (your reward, should you choose to accept it is this candy reindeer, or 40g of sugar). I want to thank everyone who took part or otherwise followed along.

I'm having this strange feeling that the end of this calendar means it's the end of the year, when there's actually still a week to go. It is fortunate there is still a week to go because I still have a bunch of things unfinished (not specifically website related), and some of these things I feel like I've been avoiding so that I could maintain the daily posting demands of the calendar. I hope to address this going forward.

Today being another 'Brian reads...' day I recorded a piece by Captain Joshua Slocum about St. Helena (read from a book about Islands again).