Brian's Creative Countdown to Christmas 2022

Day 17,

Today being a 'Brian reads...' day I put together a piece about The Fiji Islands (read from a book about Islands). My efforts were almost thwarted when, after a morning of editing the file (seriously, it takes me that long when I let myself be distracted), Audacity crashed out at the second to last hurdle, i.e. the one before I actually save the completed work. Audacity wasn't necessarily to blame, although a head's-up would have been nice; my 'disk' was full.

Fortunately, after clearing up some space, and re-opening Audacity, it presented me with an option to recover the thing I was working on. Phew.

The advice to "always save your work" [and keep backups] should apply, except I avoid doing this repeatedly because a 30 minute audio file takes time to save; it's always a gamble.