Brian's Creative Countdown to Christmas 2022

Day 14,

Yesterday I spent the day with my aunty and uncle that I had not seen for a while. My uncle has numerous hobbies and interests of which I share a couple in one fashion or another; one of these hobbies is playing guitar. I do feel like it's a bit of a stretch for me to say I share this hobby (and I feel like a con in suggesting it) because playing guitar is something I just enjoy doing in my own way (such as playing along to various songs when the mood takes - and ashamedly I can't even play chords as you're supposed to) whereas my uncle, by comparison, is a pro and he plays in a band and has put together his own albums over the years.

We have different tastes in music too, and while we struggled to even recognise most of the songs we each called out, we did manage to play along together to a few songs, with him on bass and me on lead (he even had us swap for a while, and I'd never even picked up a bass guitar before!).

Over the years I have recorded myself playing along to a few things on guitar, and I have always told myself that I would like to do more, like get into a routine of recording stuff and actually (actively get better), enough to warrant a website section for this stuff, so maybe...

For now, here is me playing some of Michael Jackson's Beat It, one of the songs I played with my uncle. This recording is from 2015: