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5. Three Wise Men

What is Christmas without Three Wise Men?

Here I present to you Three Wise Men from Youtube Land, whose videos I watch from time-to-time. Perhaps their words will be of interest to you too...

Russell Brand
Many people know of Russell as a comedian, as a wise-guy (in that sense), and an all-round funny-man (some would argue, annoying and offensive), but he is (and I would say, has become more so) wise in the smart-minded sense.

Not a day goes by now on Youtube, when Russell picks apart politics and presents the world in a way that many people just don't see, from Covid, to Christmas (or both).

I've started to realise that a daily dose of the former is a bit much (even as just a topic), but here I present to you a video of his from last year's Christmas:

John St Julien Baba Wanyama
I can't remember how I found this guy's channel but I've been watching some of his videos for years.

In that time (and before) he has uploaded a number of videos I have found interesting, although some of what he talks about is hard to grasp!

This video may be to many one such video! 'Anti christ establishments WAR against the SACRED SECRETION, PINEAL GLAND & the Christ within us all':

You can find more videos in my Y2B section

Damien Echols
I found out about this guy only this year, although perhaps I'd heard about him and his story previously.

He's spent almost two decades from his teens on Death Row. I read his book 'A Life After Death' all about it. Now he has a Youtube channel about 'magical' stuff which I find quite interesting. He also has a beard, quite fitting for a wise man.

Here is a video about 'Astrology, magick, and belief':